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The primary goal of Home Sales 21 is to provide you with top quality real estate services. Your needs and goals are the focus of our real estate business. Let us know what you’d like to accomplish, and together, we’ll make it happen. We’re ready to exceed your expectations! Real estate transactions require a clear understanding of today’s market conditions.

The right move at the right time is the difference between a big success and a big mistake. Attention to detail – is the critical factor. Home Sales 21 will carefully guide you toward your goals so you can take action confidently, knowing that you’re making a good decision. You’ll enjoy the benefit of our years of training and hands-on experience in the real estate business.

Residential Home Sales

  • Property Analysis
  • Staging Services
  • National Marketing
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Transaction Oversight

Property Management

  • National Marketing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Market Price Analysis
  • Detailed Statements
  • Property Maintenance

Buyer Representation

  • Smart Location Search
  • Licensed Inspections
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Professional Guidance








Customer Comments

“Let me thank you and your company for the good work you did over the last two years
handling the rental of my property… you were able to keep the vacancy time to a minimum.”

– Jeremiah D.
Saginaw, MI

“Lavelle, Thank you for making sure the home is up to code and free of any potential law suits.”

– Eugene C.
Anchorage, AK

“Appreciate your hard work and dedication and also for keeping me copied on everything and
well informed.”

– Tama S.
Washington, CT

“Mr. Mosely, I would like to thank you for sending a team out to fix the fence. It looks

– Duane K.
Louisville, KY

“Ricky, I’d like to stay another year, is the owner interested in extending the lease?”

– Robert C.
Memphis, TN

“Mr. Molina, thank you for sending the reminder and rental renewal options. I will go with
option “A” and agree to rent the property for an additional year.”

– Gregory S.
North Billerica, MA

“Again, I wanted to thank you for your service and good luck in future endevors.”

– Franklin J.
Pomona, CA

“We appreciate your hard work and look forward to a smooth road ahead. Thanks.”

– Terri J.
Burgess, SC

“Thanks for all your help and I’m glad I chose you to manage my house.”

– Mario P.
San Jose, CA

“Jose, We would love to renew our lease for another 12 months. Thanks”

– William T.
Providence, RI

“Jeffrey, Thanks again for having the heater fixed in the same day. The guy that came out was

– Byron A.
Atwood, KS

“Harry, Thank you for your fast work on getting a plumber out to fix this problem.”

– John T.
Hartford, CT

“Gerald – we are all set with the disposal. The service tech came right away and fixed the issue.
Thank you so very much for the super prompt response.”

– Delma D.
Rochelle Park, NJ