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Nearly everyone who sells a home wants fast results. With few exceptions, the Homeowner hopes to attract a Buyer in the shortest time possible. Planning is of prime importance to this end. Many Homeowners and real estate firms simply fail to plan for the sale… and they fail to get enough traffic to achieve the goal.

Our Marketing Plan is designed to get results by helping Homeowners to bring out the best features of their homes and to make the greatest impact on potential Buyers. By examining the product we’re selling and considering the best way to present and promote it, we get homes sold faster and at higher prices than our competitors! Take a look at the factors below and you’ll see why we excel at both actual sales results and customer satisfaction!

Your Product

Selling a home is selling a location in which to live. This location includes both the home itself and the specific place where the home is located. Better location equals more interest from potential Buyers – and more money from the sale!

Anytime something is bought and sold, the Buyer has a choice to make. The main choice is whether your house is to be bought or whether another house is bought instead. The competition (other choices) goes a long way in determining the interest that potential Buyers have in your property and the price at which it finally sells.

Your Pricing

The value of your home is based primarily on the factors mentioned above – location and competition. It’s critical to accurately determine a home’s true market value. If homes in a given area are regularly selling for $300,000, it will be impossible to sell a similar home for $350,000.

Everyone will immediately want to know the price of your home. This is the place where adjustments are made to best compete with other homes (the competition). The price you receive will be based substantially on the home’s location, condition, floorplan and amenities.

Your Presentation

Making a great impression is paramount when selling your home. The words of an old song say it so well: “accentuate the positive – eliminate the negative”. Your house should appear not only clean… but also spacious and practical. Clutter and personal items should be kept to a minimun. Add color where needed (in and out); make the living areas inviting and see to it that the walkways flow.

It’s best to make your home available for showing whenever people are ready to see it. Being totally unavailable for showings during the dinner hour, for example, means that your house is actually “off the market” at a time when many people are actively looking at homes.

Your Promotion

Let people know your home is for sale! This means getting the message out to the greatest possible number of potential buyers. The goal isn’t to spend the most money on advertising or to have the largest ad in the newspaper… but simply to reach the greatest number of ready, willing and able potential buyers for your home.

This is why we partnered up with the leading real estate web marketing firm Real Estate Bees. They help us market our customers properties in extremely effective way. The overwhelming majority of serious Buyers are working with Realtors… therefore local real estate agents are BY FAR your best source for true potential Buyers. This is why Real Estate Bees specifically target Realtors to market your home.

Good promotion requires good follow-up. We need to know what others truly think about the home we’re selling. That means honest feedback. If people see the house as over-crowded, over-priced or under-appointed… we need to know it right away – and adjust.

Your Customized Marketing Plan

Your home is a “one-of-a-kind” property and will require a specific plan to promote its sale. Generalities may help, but today’s real estate market requires a more individualized plan for each home in order to generate the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Sell your home quickly and for the best possible price! We’re offering you a free customized marketing plan for your home at no cost or obligation. Call today for an expert evaluation of your home’s specific location, competition, value and staging. Appointments available at your convenience.

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  • Home Staging and Colors Advice.
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  • Tips to Make a Strong First Impression.
  • Proof of Correct Pricing for the Home.
  • Critical Visual Details Room-by-Room.
  • Advice for Solving Problem Areas.