Tips to Fell a Tree and Remove its Stump

Removing trees is necessary especially during your home renovation and when they are severely injured by storms or when they have become a major hindrance to the maintenance of your home and property. So if you’re planning to get rid of those trees, follow these tips.

Tree ServiceLarge trees are best removed by professional tree services in Houston, Texas. These people have the right training and equipment to fell trees appropriately and avoid damaging any part of your property. Just take note that most cities require permission from proper authorities before removing or felling a tree. You may either ask for a permit yourself or ask licensed tree service providers to do it for you.

Felling a Tree

Once you have secured the permit to fell a tree and you’ve got a group of professional to help you, it’s time to do the action. Check the surrounding area for any obstacle that may be in the way such as overhead wires, another tree, your home itself, fence, cars, or your kids stuff in the playground. 

When all the obstacles have been removed, stand back and notice the way the tree will naturally lean and fall. The best fall is its natural angle of growth, but if it’s leaning to your roof, don’t try it right away. Professional tree services will find a way to ensure that no item in your property will be damaged. Make sure to establish a couple of escape routes; one on each side of the tree which leads away from the expected fall line.

Removing the Stump

After the tree has fallen, what is usually left if the short stump. You may grind a stump using various stump grinding machines to get rid of your tree stump quickly. This method is the most effective way to remove a stump, but is labour and time intensive. It’s best that you hire professional tree service in Houston, Texas to do the job faster and efficiently.

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