Easy DIY Painting Job

Painting is such a messy job. It is common to acquire drips, spills or spatter from the roller or paint brush regardless if you are paint walls or ceilings. The hardest part is to clean the house and remove unwanted paints. This article will teach you how to clean up your home without using expensive paint removers. There are lots of products that you can find in your home that will help you removing paint easily.

Home ImprovementDishwashing Detergent

This product is available in any household. You just need to deep the brush particularly the bristles into the dishwashing soap preferably liquid soap to speed the release of latex paint. Lather up and soak the brush for a couple of minutes then rinse. It is important that you will do the procedure as soon as you finish using the brush, don’t let it dry or else you will be having hard time removing the paint residue.


If you are an avid fan of chapstick then this procedure is perfectly for you. Apply the moisturizing lip balm on the glass windowpanes with the help of cotton sawb. This will eradicate the errant paint easily with the help of glass cleaner and a rag. Basically, the chapstick will serve as temporary shield to the paint.

Cooking spray

If you don’t have gloves for painting, using and applying mist olive or canola oil on your forearms and the backs of your hands is advisable so that the paint won’t stick to your skin. It is important to do the procedure before you start painting.

Petroleum Jelly

Applying petroleum jelly (doesn’t matter what brand, you can even use Vaseline) will protect metal surfaces from paint spatter such as hinges, handles, and door knob. Make sure to coat the metal part thoroughly to ensure that it is protected.

These are few products that are useful in cleaning paint. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend more just to wipe out all those unwanted paints. These products are also advisable if you are a little concern with the environment. They are same to use and surely doesn’t have any side effect. However, it is important that before trying any product make sure do a little research to ensure that they are effective and safe. Also, you need to ask or check the ingredients of the paint so that you have ideas what are the best products to use in cleaning up paints.

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