Property Management Services

Sometimes daunting to first-time landlords, professional Property Management Services can be your best friend when it comes to handling the leasing and managing of your house. Whether you’re moving to another state or another country… you can rest assured that your house is being handled by professionals who know exactly how to protect your property – and – minimize your worries.

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What is the Process?

Property Management is neither costly nor complex. Here’s an overview of the process for placing your house into property management with us:

1. You receive general information (now in progress).
2. You receive a *sample* management agreement.
3. We answer questions you may have at that point.
4. We prepare your actual management agreement.
5. We tour the home and place a sign and a lockbox.
6. The property is advertised nationally and via MLS.
7. Applicants are screened and a lease is prepared.
8. Funds are collected and deposited for the Owner.
9. Statements and income are forwarded each month.

Please call or e-mail to ask any questions you might have about the information supplied so far. When you’re satisfied with the process, we’ll prepare the actual management agreement.

What Do You Provide?

One of the most important benefits we provide for you are high-quality Tenants for your home. We do a very thorough background check on each Applicant. In addition to checking basic credit history, we check the Applicant’s rental history. Next, we check the Court Records for any previous evictions and/or criminal records. All of this work helps to keep your house and neighborhood safe, and helps you to know the rent will be paid on time each month.

Other major benefits you’ll receive from our Property Management Services include handling of maintenance and/or repair issues, rent collection and accounting services, enforcement of your local HOA neighborhood rules and handling any problem situations – including evictions and court appearances if these issues should ever arise.

What Can We Expect?

Your concerns are centered around the safe-keeping of your property — just as they should be! You want to know that everything is being closely monitored including the safety and the proper maintenance of your house. We handle all of this. Home Sales 21 has a proven track-record. There has never been one single case of any of our properties being damaged by Tenants that we’ve approved. In addition to this, none of our Clients (Owners) have ever lost a single dime to misuse, abuse or fraud. We’re familiar with the Texas Tenant Laws and carefully follow them to protect our Clients from any possible cause of action.

All monies having to do with your property are carefully accounted for. We keep these funds in a Trust Account — totally separated from our company operating funds. Every month you’ll receive a detailed statement that outlines all financial activities — including security deposits, the monthly rent, any maintenance items, the monthly management fee, any Tenant late fees and all other financial entries having to do with your property. Along with the statement, you’ll receive a check for your monthly rental income.

Rental Management Services

When you need to get your property leased quickly, the best move you can make is to use professional property management. Sometimes it just makes sense to lease out your home rather than selling it. For those who are in this position, Home Sales 21 provides Low-Cost, Professional Property Leasing & Management Services. Single Family Investors also benefit from these services!

Why Property Management?

Property management services are ideal for those who need to acquire high-quality Tenants while avoiding the obligations of routine maintenance, ongoing paperwork and legal red tape. When an Owner manages his/her own property, the Owner personally handles the following:

1. The collection of rents including any delinquent payments.
2. Repair requests – and – property maintenance concerns.
3. Financial accounting, bank records and expenses reports.
4. Lease enforcement and all communications with Tenants.
5. Evictions and required appearances at legal proceedings.
6. Responsibility for complying with the Texas Property Code.

Our property management services are designed to “Free the Owner” from the above duties. Property Management allows Homeowners to be virtually anonymous and spares them from the difficulties of personally dealing with a rental property. And, for most Owners, the small cost of property management is a bargain when compared to the awful dread of getting into a face-to-face confrontation with a problematic Tenant.

What Are the Costs?

The initial leasing fee is 60% of one month’s rent. This fee covers the costs of setting-up the property management account, all advertising, receiving all inquiries, showing the property, screening prospective Tenants, preparing the lease, and collecting the first month’s rent and all security deposits. New clients who are offering higher priced executive homes and luxury properties, may qualify for a discount on the leasing fee. (part of the leasing fee is offered to cooperating brokers who assist us in procuring tenants)

The monthly management fee – only 8.5% per month – is one of the lowest management fees offered by any Professional Management Company in the metroplex. This fee covers the cost of monthly rent collection, maintaining a trust account, keeping financial records, emergency response, complete maintenance oversight – and the peace of knowing that you won’t have to personally deal with an eviction or handle a very unpleasant situation entirely on your own.

Why Home Sales 21?

It seems that everyone claims to be “The Best” these days – and those who don’t – simply offer “The Lowest Price” to entice you to choose their services. How can you know who to trust with your property? We believe that actions speak louder than words. Try contacting a few management companies to see how they respond. If you don’t receive a high quality response in a timely manner… do you think they’ll take care of your property and keep you informed after you hire them? Beware of “companies” that offer BELOW MARKET prices! They’re offering low prices for a reason. Legitimate companies will operate at a reasonable profit — and companies who heavily discount “price” are usually discounting both “service” and “attention to detail”. Choose wisely.

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