Renovating Family Bathroom

As the family grows you need to come up with idea on how to renovate your bathroom.  Sharing it with your children is the best way to maximize your home space. However, in remodeling your bathroom you need to consider a lot of things. The bathroom should be children friendly to avoid any serious accident with they take a bath. Few things that you need to change are the vanity top, toilet, light and faucet.

Home improvementBefore you start with anything you need to strip the old wallpaper (if you are using one), removing old paints, vanity top, and even the tub. Once you clear the space you need to spot any holes in the wall. These holes should be patched. If you saw pipe leakage you need to fix it too or simply hire a plumber. After fixing wall problem you need to sand it to smoothen any rough surface before repainting it or installing new wallpaper. It is recommended to use bright and clean colors so that the bathroom will just require minimal lighting. Use interior acrylic latex wall paint to insure the quality.

If in case the tiles don’t match with your new wall color you also need to remove it during the clearing process. In this case the repainting and installing of new tiles will be done after one another to ensure perfection. If you are planning to have a new tub that will accommodate children you need find first a tub that is not too deep and sleeper. Installation of tub can be done by professionals but you need to be there so that you will acquire the design you want.

The door and drawers of the new vanity should not be the same as the old one. Keep in mind that children are small to reach the top. You don’t need to cover the old holes of the vanity because you can still use it. The idea here is not to drill another hole for new hidden hinges. You can choose any sink top you want as long it is safe for children. A cultured marble sink top is ideal because it last a little longer than the ordinary sink top in the market today. Install a supporter in your toilet bowl for your kids. Make sure that the flange bolt can be easily used and has antimicrobial surface for sanitary purposes. There are some toilet bowl with such feature, if you are using the old one you need to replace it.

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