Commercial Agents

Buyer Representation

As a Buyer, you want the best possible property location, price, terms and cashflow. When you know the outcome… even before you buy… you can be confident of reaching your goals. Buyer Representation through Home Sales 21, will help you avoid common mistakes that others make – namely – failing to get the facts about location, value and contract terms.

How You Benefit

You’ll be ahead of the competition by knowing the facts before you buy. Know what others have said about the property. Know the potential mortgage balance still owed by the Owner.Know about current evaluations. Know the sales prices of similar properties in the area.

Better Results

With current market information and experienced professionals at every juncture, you’ll enjoy better results and greater profits in your investment portfolio. We’re prepared to recommend support professionals such as Lenders, multiple Inspectors, Attorneys in real estate practice and 1031 Exchange Intermediary Professionals.

Cost of Service

In most cases, we represent you at no additional charge by simply accepting the fee that’s offered by the Listing Brokerage via split brokerage fees.

Home Sales 21 specializes in multifamily. Call for details: (214) 649-1468