A Better Deal?

The Real Estate Market in Dallas / Fort Worth continues to be among the best in the country. Home prices have firmed recently, with the supply of homes on the market dropping.

“I’m glad I chose you to manage my house.”

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The NEW reality — overall lower home prices — still leaves many homeowners “underwater” with negative equity. This is likely to be the case for several years, with homeowners owing more against the home than its current market value.

Homeowners who need to move, but can’t afford to sell into the current low prices, are finding a solution in professional property management. Keeping your investment safe – and your cash flow intact – professional property managers can provide you with the time you need to allow the real estate market to rebound. Click Here for details with no obligation.

You Save Money When We Sell Your Home

As a client of Home Sales 21, you’ll automatically receive discounted brokerage fees if you decide to sell your property, whether to a current Tenant, or through the MLS.

We’ll customize an individual marketing plan that’s focused on getting your house sold in 60 days at the highest price. Contact us now to receive pricing and complete information.

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